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ASCII art Site in Japan
These ASCII art make with Japanese (Kanji,Hiragana,Katakana,etc)
Comical story and fanny characters look like Manga by ASCII art.
Mona Kikkomaso Spidermaso as a ASCII art characters!
Sadly, this story's language are Japanese only!

managed by NekokoH3D.

Stories of various people are unfolded.
And, it sometimes appears in the same story.

All gather and the Bon-odori festival is held
with the coming of summer.

He looks like Wolverine? He is Uriverine.
and she is SPAM-girl.

Original episode of
Soy Souce Warrior Kikkomaso.

The bbs for illusts and pictures
Hiragana read"Ne Ko Ko To I Tsu shi Yo"

Goluah! is the fighting game!
Nekoko versus Spidermaso.

Card game image.
It is possible to do if it is thought that it does.

Dot eat game.
Nekoko eat the Riceball.

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